Broker Renewal


1. Welcome Back

It’s that time of year again. We can’t believe it’s already been 12 months. It’s time for you to sign into Comergence to send us some updated information.

2. Update Documentation

We’re going to need to review and update a few things. Once you’ve signed into Comergence, please provide your financial statements and a current report of your active status if you’re in Delaware or New Jersey.

3. Don’t Forget!

While you’re in Comergence, you’ll want to also validate that your AML Certification is current and complete the Questionnaire. These are very important so that we can approve your provided documentation and finalize your application.

4. Final Review

At this step, we should have everything that we need! We’ll review your renewal and supplied documentation.

5. The Finish Line

Thank you! We’ll notify you when your renewal is complete.

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