Frequently Asked Questions


How can I check my broker approval status?

Please check your Comergence account or contact your account executive.

What documents are needed for my broker renewal?

We need year-to-date financial statements (a balance sheet and a profit-and-loss statement) and the renewal questionnaire you’ll find in Comergence.

What does “Renewal Suspend” mean in Comergence?

If your account is in a “Renewal Suspend” status, this means that the 60-day window to submit your renewal documentation has expired. We will need to relaunch the renewal for you. Please contact your account executive.

How do I add users to the broker portal?

Please contact your account executive. They have the ability to add new users.

How does my organization become approved to submit VA loans to LoanUnited Wholesale?

There are a few steps to get approved to submit VA loans to us.

  1. Sign into Comergence and fill out the VA sponsorship form. 
  2. Write a check for $100 to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  3. Mail your VA approval form and the check to our headquarters at:

3150 Holcomb Bridge Rd, 4th Floor

Norcross, GA 30071

Do you need my signed disclosure or will you use your own?

No, we send out all disclosures, including state compliance disclosures. We do not hold up your file for underwriting if the docs aren't signed, however we do require them to be signed before CTC.

What is your VA lender ID?

Our VA lender ID is 6492270000

What is your mortgagee for HOI and CPL?

Our mortgagee is the same for both. Please note TX files do not require ISAOA/ATIMA verbiage., LLC ISAOA/ATIMA 3150 Holcomb Bridge Rd, 4th Floor, Norcross, GA 30071. Loan #.